Matthew Hughes (Huz)


Currently based out of San Diego, California, musician Matt Huz has been involved in the musical process since elementary school. Growing up in the Los Angeles area, Matt was raised on the sounds of the Beach Boys and Motown. Starting with a tape recorder and a clarinet, Matt has always found inspiration in creating and sharing music with the public. 


Upon moving to Sacramento, Matt met an incredible group of friends and like-minded musicians who began playing together. In 2001 the group moved to San Diego and formed the reggae/rock band, Two For Thirty. For three years Matt showcased his guitar and vocal skills as the group performed throughout the California music scene before the members ultimately went their separate ways.  


Following years of successfully playing and performing professionally, Matt took time to travel and teach in countries such as Costa Rica, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. Through this experience he was exposed to new worlds and cultures of music that profoundly influenced his one-of-a-kind style and sound. It was during this time that Matt turned his musical efforts towards music production and DJing.  He co-created the international hit “Can’t Hold Me Down” with Soom-T, a song which garnered significant airtime throughout the world, including in France, Spain and Scotland.  


With a unique style and a passion for collaboration, Matt continued his work with other artists throughout  Southern California as his performances grew to include weddings, events, clubs, and corporate gatherings. It was during this time that he further educated himself on the music industry and how music itself can be used as a healing tool.  


Since 2014, Matt has been primarily focused on songwriting and has since released a series of singles on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. With a distinct combination of healing, rhythmic songs and sounds, Matt has carved out a niche with his unique Island Blues style, one that is often compared to the sounds of Steve Miller, Bob Dylan and the California 1960's. It is Matts dream to heal the world through sound and to share with others the unique music that he so much loves to play.

matt huz music
matt huz music