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Currently based out of California, musician Matt Huz is a Producer and Performer whose talents aim to enhance and enrich the audience. 

Growing up in the Los Angeles and Sacramento area, Matt was raised on the sounds of The Beach Boys, Motown, Hip-Hop, Rock and Country. Starting with a tape recorder, radio recordings and an old classical guitar, Matt began tracking and learning about the musical process. 


It was In 2001 while in San Diego he and fellow bandmates formed the reggae/rock group, Two For Thirty. Matt showcased his guitar and vocal skills as the group performed throughout the California music scene before the members ultimately went their separate ways.  


Through the years Matt continued playing and performing professionally, traveling and leading retreats in countries such as Costa Rica, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. Through this experience he was exposed to new worlds and cultures of music that profoundly influenced his one-of-a-kind style and sound. It was during this time that Matt turned his musical efforts towards music production and DJing.  He co-created the international hit “Can’t Hold Me Down” with Soom-T, a song which garnered significant airtime throughout FranceSpain and Scotland.  


With a unique style and a passion for collaboration, Matt continued his work with other artists throughout Southern California. It was during this time that he further educated himself on the music industry and how music itself can be used as a healing tool.  


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